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24.11.2017 14:09

Stellenausschreibung "IT-Experte m/w" der Universität Birzeit

Nachfolgend finden Sie eine Stellenausschreibung der Universität Birzeit für einen IT-Experten/eine IT-Expertin.

Die Universität Birzeit in Palästina


‘’Birzeit University is Upgrading their strategy for undergraduate IT education, and therefore BZU developed a TOR for  International Consulting Services (Expert/s) to asset in this assignment.  Please note that BZU released a ToR to a number of potential experts with a deadline of Dec 7 2017 with the following qualifications:   

The Desired Qualifications, Experience and Skills for the expert/s ; 

-        PhD in Technology or Education. 

-        A current academic professor or an expert who has experience in academia in a recognized university. 

-        Substantial experience in delivering IT education and research. 

-        Experience in similar IT educational reform or strong demonstrated abilities in developing training programs. 

-        Experience with data analysis, interpretation and evaluation. 

-        Experience with the international IT industry. 

-        Knowledge of trends in a number of fields within the IT industry and knowledge of the different talents and functions needed 

-        Proficiency in English language is mandatory 

-        Excellent communication skills 

Please share it with potential Academia/ experts who are willing to apply for this assignment, attached is the ToR, and external expert form to be filled no later than December 7, 2017.

Bei Fragen wenden Sie sich bitte an unsere Handelsvertreterin Frau Gabriele Pfaff, Tel: 030 2061 7725 oder mobil: 0152 5588 5208. ‘‘